Sunday, February 11, 2007

it's been a long time

i've been gone for quite a while. i haven't posted since Aug 2006 (yikes!) and a lot has happened since then. instead of a long, drawn-out, *ehem* boring recap i will just say this: my life has changed. i've switched jobs, i mean careers. i'm back in school. and my battle with money/debt continues. i AM taking strides to win this fight...and i've finally, OFFICIALLY, started saving for a house.

in order to keep me on track, i'm going to try to keep up with this blog...i won't say daily...but AT LEAST three times per week. hopefully there are still some kind souls that read and give advice/moral support for my journey (i promise to return the favor).

at any rate....we are in a new year & i'm ready to continue my fight for financial independence.

won't you join me?