Monday, July 24, 2006

A Change Is Gonna Come


after browsing several financial blogs, watching people get out of debt via Oprah's debt diet, and just being plain ol' sick and tired of being broke, it has come down to this: getting real and blogging about my (lack of) money and (lack of) financial discipline.

as a twenty-something, non-single, single mommy, i have a great deal of responsibility on my plate. unfortunately, at the moment, my beloved can't be here to raise our infant son or share the household expenses, so all of the responsibility is on my shoulders. and i've never been "good" with money. i haven't had the best track record sticking to any type of budget, my credit is beyond poor, i have TONS of bills, and i live paycheck to paycheck, barely making my salary stretch. and, i'm sick of it.

i can't live like this anymore.

the time has come to make a change. this blog was partly inspired by Single Ma. i have been a silent reader of her blog for a while now and her financial success is inspiring. watching her meet her goals while providing her readers with some info gems is so refreshing. see, no one ever sat down with me and taught me about money (beyond how to open a checking/savings account), so now i am stumbling and trying to figure it out on my own. i know there are SO many others like me, so i count on you guys for wisdom, advice, and support.

getting the bad credit gorilla off my back & finally learning and understanding money will be life changing. won't you join me on my journey?


mehoffer said...


The best way to start is to write it All down.

It's easiest and only way to understand where your money goes.

Pretty soon you'll start to see where and on what you can start spending less.

Another good approach is zero balance budgeting. Beyond the basics, such as rent, utilities, and such, start with zero and rationalize up from there to meet your spending requirements.

It will help you see your current financial picture in a different way.

Best of Luck, Stay Well and Keep Thinking~

Berry said...

Well, good... they say a budget is a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions!

Money problems are not intellectual problems, they are emotional problems... as I like to say, "If you can get past what's in your head then you can get by on what's in your wallet."

Don't despair! You can and will get your money under control!

Broke and Disgruntle said...

Pennies, the conference was wonderful I will post details as soon as I can sort through everything. One thing I can say right off hand is the conference taught me the value of RESEARCH, you can't write an effective story that draws people in unless you research. Another very valuable point I learned was in order to research and write you have to have the proper tools. I made all sorts of contacts and just got to be around alot of positive black people who's doing the thing big. Check out, the website contains info about the conference and it has a link to a file of all the classes presented. You can join the mail group and get the ups on the next conference. Ok now I want to commend you on taking the first step to financial freedom, I know it's hard but with prayer and knowledge we'll get through it.


Common Cents said...

hey guys...thanks you all for your support & advice.

mehoffr: i'm going to start writing it all down. my money just seems to evaporate, and i really need to get it together. thanks for the advice.

alberen: thank you. yes, i'm sure there are emotions (as a matter of fact i KNOW). i've had bad money role models growing up. my parents were able to do lots of things for us kids, but at the expense of their own finances. i don't want that to happen to me. i want us to be able to give our son the best, and still be very comfortable.

B&D: girl..thanks for the conf. update & link. i will definitely be checking it out.