Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the procrastination disease

Hi my name is Common Cents and I'm a procrastinator!

*Hi, Common*

i've procrastinated my entire life. from writing papers to paying bills, i've continued to put things off until tomorrow because...i can. so far it's been a mixed bag. even though i've been stressed and pushed to the limits, i've had success at work and school even though i wait until the last moment to work on it. but with money...i haven't been so lucky.

i think if i sat down and tried to quantify just how much procrastination has cost me, in dollar bills, i'd be sick. countless late fees, collections items, and just things that i've forgotten to pay...all of it has added up to a small mountain of debt and a credit report with more negatives than an algebra test.

getting financially fit requires more than just watching what i spend. our finances tend to be an extension of our emotions and no matter how much i'd like to "get it together" financially, it's not going to happen if i don't get myself together in the process. there is a lot going on in my life right now. i'm switching careers, my beloved awaiting trial, my son is constantly growing, and i'm doing it all solo. it's a hard road to travel alone and i turn to other things (eating out, buying things for my son, etc) for comfort. whatever the case, i'm going to take a more holistic approach to my finances and my life so i can finally be free.


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