Thursday, August 24, 2006

the starving student, returned

hey all,

i know i've been MIA for a minute, but its been a hectic few weeks. last week i took a trip back to NYC, which completely busted my budget, but was 100% worth it (and necessary) . i got to be with my beloved (yay!) and see a few friends. ever since returning i've been thrown back into school (teacher training!) and have been SO amazingly tired.

my financial journey is still going.

i'm broke, but i know why. it wasn't a surprise, and i spent the money on purpose. so i can't complain about that can i? this week, the union reps came to talk to our class about enrolling in a 403(b) retirement plan. i'm all over it, although i'll have to ask the rep if they match funds. but i'm very excited. i'm about to begin my teaching career, about to start yet another semester of university classes, and move into a new phase of life. financially, i'm not in horrible shape and i'm looking forward to making some extra money to pay down my bills and build up my credit.

at this point i'm so tired and hopeful and happy and exhahusted. life is moving so fast and i can see my ideal financial future within my grasp.


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