Tuesday, August 01, 2006


so it's the day after i got paid and i'm already down to $332.03 in my checking account. yesterday my paycheck of $1124.60 was deposited, and i'm already almost back to zero. where did it go you ask?

because i have overdraft protection (which, isn't such a great idea because it pulls from my savings) and used my debt card a few times over the weekend, a little more than $200 of my check was eaten up as soon as it was deposited into my account (not cool!). so that left me with a little more than $900 when i checked my account yesterday morning. since then i've spent...

obviously there are a few places that could use a bit of improvement. i could have done without the books, even though one of them is for DH. lately i've been buying discount/used books from amazon. i think i will ONLY do that from now on to cut the cost. also, i can probably do without the netflix, especially considering i've had the same movie for about 3 weeks (it's hard out here for a video renter!). clearly i'm not using the service to its full potential. maybe i will drop down to a cheaper plan instead of cutting it out all together? otherwise, the things i bought (minus lunch) were all pretty necessary.

the little one & i are taking a trip to NY in about 3 weeks and i wanted to put more into my savings account for the trip, but it looks like i can only squeeze about $100 out of this check and put it away for our trip. the next two weeks will be a bit tight, but if can curb my spending, i should be cool.

watching my money evaporate is NOT a good look!

Side note: i've signed up for Pine Cone research (thanks Single Ma!) and i've already completed my first survey and received my $5. i'm always looking for ways to make extra money, so PLEASE if you know of any legit ways to boost the income...holla at me! i don't want to be working for the man forever!

side note # 2: all you mommies out there, i need you! where can i find coupons on diapers, formula, baby food etc, etc. cuz while he's the cutest baby in the world (smile!), my munchkin is proving to be VERY expensive! i will be happy when he can drink regular milk...no more Enfamil!



Single Ma said...

Do you qualify for WIC?

Common Cents said...

i don't think so...and i especially won't after i switch jobs.

mehoffer said...


Good Going!~

You might want to try:

I did a Google Search for: Baby Coupons

There seems to be many offered.

Also, for books, there may be a decent used-book store near you, and a local library can be useful.

I'm continually amazed at the quality of books that I've found for next to nothing in used-book stores.

Also, I think NetFlix has a ~$5/mo. program that sends one at a time.

It's amazing what happens when you keep track of your expenditures, no? It really is something, I think, everyone should do, no matter their income. It really helps illuminate waste that one never gains from.

If you get really bored :) you can surf over to www.financialsense.com
if you ever have any q's feel free to e|mail.

Common Cents said...

thanks Mehoffer,

i will definitely check you out! (and send you thousands of questions lol).


Tired of being broke said...

I don't have any first hand experience with buying baby stuff since I have no kids. I know friends who buy baby stuff in bulk such as diapers and milk, this way is cheaper they say.

Do you have any wholesale clubs close to you?

Common Cents said...

Mehoffer: i went to my netflix & dropped down to 1 at a time, for 10 bucks a month. i knock off $6.

Tired: i go to costco, but the more i go, i'm starting to think it's not really that much cheaper. it's still expensive as hell. $60 for formula for 2 weeks. craziness.

jasai said...

...and go to the library. you can go online and order the books, have them sent to your local library and renew them for up to nine months.

Good going lady!

lostflier said...

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D said...

I agree with single ma - get wic and any other free service you can. Also, food pantry's will help you get food and baby supplies. Go to the nearest Catholic church, speak with the pastor about your situation. Our church collects money all year in a red bucket for people in need. and then father distributes it to the people who come to the door and ask. It may not be much, but something is better than nothing.

I believe other churches may do the same thing. It is for your son. They may also be able (father that is) to link you with some need help at retrieving supplies for your child.