Thursday, August 10, 2006

Help! I'm In Debt!

In an event to arm myself with as much information as possible, I surfed over to They have a fabulous section on debt management and how to get out of it (perfect for me, righ?). I took the Debt-O-Meter quiz, then proceeded to read the 5-Step Emergency Plan for dealing with deep debt. I'm not in DEEP debt, I can use many of these strategies to help me out.

Because everyone is different, I thought I'd ask you guys to share your most-useful debt relief/credit repair strategies. If you've gone through credit hell and lived to tell about it, share!

We can all use the knowledge.



Tired of being broke said...

From my experience the first thing is to have a system to pay debt before the due date. This would help eliminate any late fees and excess finance charges.

Get a credit report from all the major bureaus and make sure it is accurate.

Another thing is to reduce variable expenses as much as possible.

Common Cents said...

Tired: thanks for sharing.

i ordered my credit report, as i mentioned eariler.

i def need to work on reducing my expenses. basically, reducing the thiings i dont really need to spend money on.

D said...

I have posted too much I fear. comon cents, I was there. I feel this great tug to help you find your way out.

Did you say you have a soul mate. Does he live with you are you married? You didn't calculate his income with yours. That is why I am curious.

I wanted to say, I don't know where you are receiving daycare, but the state can help with that or a local church that supplies day care. These sources usually have ways to help you get needed supplies too. Use them, this is what they are there for.

When my now ex left I owed over $40k had 3 kids and a house I couldn't afford. Don't get discouraged. If you utilize just a couple of my suggestions you will receive some immediate relief.

Don't be afraid to admit you are in a bind.

Things I would do - yesterday.
- cancel Netflix
- No more book buying, get a library card.
- apply for state assistance, even if you are denied at least you tried and sometimes you get partial benefits. And always you get baby supplies. This is what WIC is for.
- I don't know what type of diapers you buy, but if I remember correctly most generics weren't good but I did find one that was, so test the waters.
- No shipping packages unless someone else pays.
- Don't go to the mall, it's too hard, why torture yourself.

Be diligent, the weight will ease up and it will get better.

Julie said...

I got my boyfriend on a debt settlement program with DTS Financial ( They settle with the credit card companies for thousands of dollars less than we would have paid if we kept trying to meet our really high monthly payments. He's $35,000 in debt and after DTS he'll only be paying about $22,000 of that, and he'll be debt free in 3 years. We signed up based on 2 friend references and it's been a very good experience.

Julie said...

Sorry, that was the wrong link.

The right link is

Common Cents said...

thanks guys for sharing. really appreciate.

d--my beloved is incarcerated & awaiting trail. all of the shipping do is to him (books, pics of our son, clothing, etc). it's very costly to have a loved one in jail, but it's something i'm willing to budget for. hopefully it'll be over soon.

Anonymous said...

Read this:

He uses Dave Ramsey's method.